Scale your business with all types of experiments.

The Conversion Rate Optimization service consists of the following core steps:

  1. Defining the project scope
    1. First 30-minute meeting to structure the project and know your business a bit better
    2. Providing access to the primary tools
    3. Auditing the current business analytics
    4. Q&A session to better understand the project, define project milestones
    5. Sending the offer
  2. Analytics Health-check
    1. Google Analytics 4 / Mixpanel / Amplitude Health-check 
    2. Improving your analytics setup where it’s necessary
  3. CRO audit
    1. Heuristic analysis
    2. Quantitative analysis
    3. Qualitative analysis
  4. Ongoing optimisation
    1. Conducting A/B/N, split or multivariant tests
    2. Analysing results and reporting on the experiments
    3. Doing Research to find new ideas for the following experiments.

Although the process can look a bit difficult, it’s very structured and organized. It helps to clearly define the main bottleneck in your conversion funnel and put my focus on it. Let’s discuss the first steps.