Overcoming GA4 & Looker Studio API limits with Google BigQuery for Savvy Dealer clients

Savvy Dealer is a marketing agency that offers services to enhance online car dealers’ presence and sales, including Facebook Ads, SEO, and PPC.

The company contacted Vakulski-Group to find a solution to overcoming GA4 Quota Limits for the Looker Studio API. The client used Looker Studio for all dashboards created for their end clients.  

Our team investigated the client’s situation and recommended connecting GA4 with BigQuery and then using BigQuery for Google Looker Studio reports, including pre-aggregating Google Analytics 4 data in BigQuery to avoid reaching other quote limits, decrease the dashboard loading time, and keep BigQuery costs at the lowest rate possible. 

Apart from that, our team provided education to the client on how to use BigQuery and Looker Studio, enabling them to replicate the same setup for all their clients. 

Following our successful cooperation, the client was kind enough to provide a video testimonial, which is available below.

Savvy Dealer Video Testimonial
Hello there! My name is Ian Mease and I work as a compliance officer at Savvy Dealer, a digital marketing agency that specializes in serving both franchised and independent car dealers. Our services include Facebook Ads, SEO, and PPC, which we offer to help our clients attract more customers and gain a competitive edge.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about our experience working with Ihar, who helped us transition all of our clients’ dashboards from using GA4 connection to BigQuery. This was done to avoid GA4 & Looker Studio integration limits and ensure that our clients could continue to receive the best possible service.

That’s the primary reason why we contacted Ihar and worked with him. Ihar was able to help us with this by:

·migrating some of the first clients’ accounts with us and demonstrating every step of the process

·uploading the historical data from Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 into BigQuery to avoid data loss in our clients’ reports

·providing documentation and training for our team on how to use and maintain the new analytics system

Ihar was a pleasure to work with. He proved to be knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. He delivered the project on time and exceeded our expectations. 

Therefore, I would highly recommend Ihar to anyone who is looking for an experienced analyst who can handle complex projects with ease. He is a great partner for any digital marketing agency.

If you have a similar project you need help with, let’s get in touch