Improving the checkout conversion rate by 47% – story

Languex is a leading translation service company that offers professional human translations in over 100 languages. It is a one-stop language solutions provider for all translation needs.

Languex founder Ebad Akbari reached out to Vakulski-Group for assistance in transitioning from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, and setting up Google Ads Conversion and Remarketing tags.

Our team’s exceptional performance and professionalism in setting up Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads led the client to entrust us with their conversion rate optimization experiments.

We focused on the checkout flow, where the most significant drop occurred. After reviewing Google Analytics 4 funnel, user flow data, Hotjar heatmap, and session recordings data, we worked with the client’s designer to prepare the new design version, which we successfully implemented as a split experiment via VWO.

Variant 1 outperformed Control by 47% and reached statistically significant results after two weeks of experimentation.

After our successful collaboration, the client provided a video testimonial, which you can watch below.

Ebad Akbari is talking about collaboration with Vakulski Group.
Hello! My name is Ebad, and I am the founder of We specialize in providing business translations in various fields, such as legal, technical, websites, marketing, and more.

Recently, we started working with Ihar (pronounced as I-g-o-r) because we needed some assistance with transitioning from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. We were looking for someone who had a deep understanding of the tool and could help us with the process.

We came across Ihar's website, which was an excellent proof of his expertise. The articles on his website were well-written and convinced us that he would be a good fit for the job.

Apart from working with the GA4 transition, we also wanted to test the new checkout flow. We need someone who can set up experiments, analyze them, and report on things that we should do to improve the user journey.

Ihar was able to meet all of our requirements. He not only helped us successfully transition to GA4, but also provided valuable insights to improve our new checkout flow.

Initially, our new checkout flow was not converting visitors to leads as well as the original. However, after implementing Ihar's suggestions, we saw a significant increase of 30% in conversions.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced professional to work with, I highly recommend reaching out to Ihar. He is knowledgeable and efficient, and always goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are satisfied with his work. Don't hesitate to get in touch with him to discuss your needs and see how he can help you achieve your goals.

If you want to improve your website conversion rates, let’s get in touch!