Google Analytics 4 Implementation for SaaS –

Company details

Dash is the most comprehensive database of new development content for pre- and new-construction projects in major U.S. markets. Unlike other property platforms on the market, DASH is built specifically to help residential real estate agents find and share new development inventory data, so they can focus on what they do best — selling real estate.

Fay-Louise Hayden, COO of the company, contacted us to discuss the implementation of analytics – Google Analytics 4.

Project details

The project started with a comprehensive overview of the website and the client’s product to establish strong KPIs that would guarantee future company growth and follow the client’s OKRs.

As a result of that work, we provided the client with the implementation specification that included:

  1. Key Performance Indicators associated with OKRs and ways to measure them.
  2. User behavior events will be added to the website and portal to track user experience.
  3. Transactional events to measure core SaaS metrics such as sign-ups, trial-to-paid ratio, MRR, retention, and others.
  4. Necessary integration with such tools as: BigQuery, Google Ads, Search Console, Meta Ads, Bing Ads and others.
  5. Proper user identification to track users on multiple devices.
  6. The dashboard scope: views, metrics to include, filters, etc.
  7. All other necessary GA4 and BigQuery modifications.

After the plan was set, we delivered everything on time. As a result of this successful cooperation, a client left a video testimonial.

A brief interview with Fay-Louise Hayden

Hi, I’m Fay, COO at Dash, a software-as-a-service platform that allows developers and real estate agents to have access to accurate, timely comprehensive materials to be able to sell more projects.

Before launching our product, we wanted to ensure that we have our analytics setup in full. So we could track any marketing activities and how our users experience the platform. 

Our team started to search for solutions and realized that it was much more comprehensive than we initially expected, most specifically, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager. And so, I started to reach out to a couple of agencies and freelancers before I came across Ihar and his team. I was immediately very impressed with what I saw on his website, many articles and information about GA4 and analytics that already gave me a lot of trust in him.

The first conversation we had definitely validated it, and I felt immediately comfortable he really knew what he was talking about, and I was very impressed with the timeline he gave me. It was a highly quick implementation process. So that was great, especially, with that pending before we could launch the product.

So, how it went. He made an audit of what we had already set up; he asked a lot of information about the business goals and what we wanted to see from analytics. That, for me, was a positive aspect that he really delved deeper to understand what the analytics will be used for rather than just implementing it. So that was great.

After that, I connected him with our lead developer, and he worked with him directly and updated me regularly about the progress. That was fantastic because whenever I had a question, Ihar was always responsive and provided all answers to my questions.

After analytics was setup, he walked me through everything, he created a very comprehensive spreadsheet of everything that was implemented and why they were implemented. So if we need to scale analytics in the future, we can get back to this document.

And after that stage was finalised, everything was connected to the visual dashboard. So it was a lot easier for us who is not analysts to interpret that data and make business decisions. I wasn't sure how we can have this dashboard setup and Ihar was fantastic and provided a long list of different dashboard examples and things he had done before which I could use. So this was really helpful for me and I really appreciated that a lot.  

We are now actively using analytics and the dashboard and I have nothing but high recommendations about him and his team and we will be very likely working with him again in future projects.

Big thanks you for all your hard work you put in it.

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