Tracking Customer Activation Funnel with Google Analytics 4 & PostgreSQL – is a crypto-native casino platform that offers a variety of games, features, and rewards for players. You can enjoy over 1000 slot games, table games, live casino options, and proprietary titles from leading software providers. You can also mine STAR tokens by playing games and receive daily dividends from the platform’s profits. 

The company executives have reached out to our agency with two objectives:

a) develop a comprehensive and complete dashboard that can track the acquisition and activation funnel effectively. This dashboard would help them understand which channels generate the most revenue and the most loyal players. It would also assist them in determining where to allocate their capital.

b) analyze the decline in active players and depositors. We used the backend (PostgreSQL) and Google Analytics 4 data to find the reasons behind this decline.

The client had a basic implementation of Google Analytics 4 with only core tracking code implemented (a.k.a. pageviews). Therefore, we started with setting up Google Analytics 4 to follow best practices, such as user identification, tracking core casino events, marketing channels, and other data information. After that, we merged the data from the PostgreSQL database with Google Analytics 4 data in Google BigQuery and visualized all core casino stats using Google Looker Studio.

As the first part of the project was done, we moved to historical data analysis. We revealed the core reasons why the active players, first-time depositors, and overall deposit numbers decreased two times and suggested to the team how they could resolve these challenges and get their players back again. 

The exceptional outcomes we deliver have led to a noteworthy interest from our clients’ teams in the data we provide. This has also resulted in a positive review on our website, further validating the quality of our services.

"Ihar is very knowledgeable as an analytics expert. He was able to successfully bridge our back office data and GA4 data in a unified dashboard running on Looker Studio and BiqQuery. Ihar was able to understand our requirements, design a suitable solution, and deliver it on time and within budget. He also provided us with clear documentation and training on how to use the new solution effectively. He was also patient working with us and flexible on accommodating our time line. We also found his domain knowledge in the online crypto I-Gaming space to be very useful in helping us analyse and make sense of our historical data. With the help of his analysis we were able to understand where we could make improvements to improve our user acquisition and product offering. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled consultant.” - team ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

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