Mixpanel & Segment Implementation for Marketplace – Svar.se 

Svar.se is a platform that provides quick answers to questions related to home furnishing, construction, and architecture. You can access it easily on your mobile phone or computer, and the best part is that the answers come directly from real experts. 

The company was founded in 2022, and to support their venture, the team needed a robust product and marketing analytics solution that is commonly used for digital companies.

Alexander Grepe, one of the company’s founders, reached out to Vakulski-Group for assistance in setting up product analytics (Mixpanel) and marketing tools (ActiveCampaigns, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.) using Segment.io, which also needed to be configured and implemented.

Segment is a leading customer data platform that can be used as a layer between your website (or app) and the marketing tools you use to simplify and optimize their implementation to decrease page load speed. 

To begin the project, we created a document that mapped out all of the actions taken by the website’s key users (with the split into the users and experts). This allowed us to keep track of the implementation of these actions and also served as a knowledge base for any new team members who joined the project.

Svar.se Mixpanel Implementation Spec
Svar.se Mixpanel Implementation Spec

After the successful implementation, we created a Mixpanel dashboard to track the client’s KPIs and bottom line. The dashboard included data on the user’s actions, email, and paid ads (clicks and cost).

Svar.se Mixpanel Dashboard
Svar.se Mixpanel Dashboard

Upon the culmination of our partnership, the client was ecstatic to leave a 5-star review.

"We hired Ihar's team to help us implement Segment.io, Mixpanel, and other marketing-related tools for our marketplace - Svar.se. They did an amazing job of understanding our needs, setting up the integrations, and providing us with valuable insights and recommendations. They were professional, responsive, and knowledgeable throughout the project. Thanks to their work, we are able to track key funnel steps and see the performance of our marketing campaigns. We highly recommend Ihar and his team to any digital company looking for expert help with analytics setup.” -  Alexander Grepe, www.svar.se ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

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