How BridalGuide resolved their GA4 outbound link tracking issues.

BridalGuide is both a website and a magazine that provides valuable information and tips about weddings, honeymoons, fashion, and other lifestyle ideas and trends.

The company had an analytics issue that they needed to solve, and while searching for a solution, they stumbled upon Vakulski-Group. Jeremy Bucovetsky had left a comment on the blog post about outbound link tracking, which was not working properly in Google Analytics 4 at that time. 

After conducting a thorough research and analysis of the company’s GA4 account, we realized that the primary reason for the issue was that the company used the GA4 account created for them by Google automatically. Some Universal Analytics events were overwriting GA4 event information, and using the old JavaScript code didn’t allow them to collect data provided by GA4 enhanced measurement. 

As a result, we advised the company to make a proper transition to Google Analytics 4 with the help of Google Tag Manager and Vakulski-Group’s assistance.

At the end of the cooperation, the client received the following results:

  1. Behavior events to track website visitors
  2. Proper tracking of registered users on the website
  3. Complete tracking of users who use ad blockers and don’t see ads
  4. GA4 integration with Google Search Console, Google Adsense, and Google Ad Manager.

After our successful collaboration, a client left a 5-star review.

"Ihar and his team are great to work with. They display a significant amount of technological skill, while at the same time being able to communicate on a layman's level.” -  Jeremy Bucovetsky,  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

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